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Knitting Machines

In combination with latest technology of computer, knitting and machinery.
A new innovation, JLSEM,  full electronic mesh knitting machine is able to produce mesh fabrics by special cam design and yam feeder.
By feeding 2 kinds of. yarn with different specifications into yarn feeders , Computerized actuators perform the movements to make the fabric patterns with unlimited versatility.
The fabrics produced by JLSEM is convertible to produce both mesh and single Jacquard fabrics with out changing any mechanism .Slightly adjustment in sinker cam block is able to get the alternatives of both functions. (Click here for more information)

An ideal knitting machine running at the speed of 40-45 R.P.M. to get the mass producton as well as perfect output of faultless fabrics.
JLD-H increases your profit by high production and enhances your competition by excellent quality (Click here for more information)