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About Jeanologia

In 1993, Jeanologia was founded by Jose Vidal & his nephew Enrique Silla in Valencia (Spain).By that time, they foresaw a company where industry innovation, human values and teamwork were to become the primary columns. They united their dream with professionals with over 30 years of experience in laser technology, and decided altogether to offer laser solutions with the maximum cost-effectiveness.Today, Jeanologia is a multi-cultural / multilingual company with more than 120 technical and creative people with one common passion: innovation.Located in Valencia (Headquarters), Barcelona (laser production factory) and Izmir (service & development center) Jeanologia is today composed by a team with abroad experience in laser and eco-efficient technologies.From our 1700 m2 Production Center, we have developed some of the most revolutionary industrial laser machinery in the world.This has been done not only for the textile industry but also for applications such as marking, id coding + tracking, engraving, cutting, welding, micro-welding, surface treatments, micro-perforation and pre-cutting, in a wide variety of sectors: packaging, foodstuffs and beverages, leather, metal, ceramics as well as pharmaceuticals.

Laser Machines

Equipped with 2 laser resonators of maximum power, twin is the most productive and fastest laser in the market
The TWIN has been designed for large productions of 5 pocket jeans. It takes just one operator per working shift to process up to 4000 jeans a day.  Each operation is controlled by an artificial vision camera.
The rotation speed of its dummy and its easy placement for the garment help speed up the process. Its dual marking system and an exclusive digital power control allow working on both jeans legs at the same time. Faster than ever.
It can deliver multiple marking combinations thanks to its rotating head and optical system that allows working either on horizontal or vertical mode.
The unique artificial vision camera allows a perfect positioning, placement of the garment while guaranteeing its quality
The new 3D Optical system automatically modifies the spot diameter. It allows better definition, thinner lines and more gray scale.
It incorporates the ultimate electronic features and patented Jeanologia technology such as UFS, (Ultra Fast Scan). A new engine and digital control that increases marking speed and takes spot accuracy to a new level.
Now, brands can offer fast & easy customization at shops.With a compact design, Jeanologia Nano is the most precise laser technology in the market. It’s a Plug & Play machine with a built-in extraction system, perfect for stores and retail. With a 15 x 15 cm working area one can achieve high-resolution marking of clearly defined image details. Jeanologia Nano laser can also be used in other finishing processes for tags, labels as well as breaks and pockets details.

ECO Machines

This technology allows significant water and energy usage reduction. It also eliminates the need of toxic processes such as bleaching and permanganate usage.By using the air from the atmosphere, G2 Cube reproduces ozone gas conditions to give garments the real look of outdoor usage.
Its possibilities range from cleaning and anti-back staining to fashion, and vintage effects.
It reproduces same physical and chemical conditions wash after wash, thus standardizing all outcomes.
G2 Cube is the perfect technology, together with Laser for a complete and integral finishing. It is also, the first finishing machine certified as ecological by an independent textile institute*
In the e-Flow technology, air from the atmosphere is transformed into nano-bubbles. Products and water are then naturally distributed and create the nanobubble skin, a perfectly homogeneus mix between water, products and air.  The skin of the nano-bubbles is responsible of transporting the properties of the product to the garment in an optimal & efficient way.