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About Dilmenler

​Since 1982, Dilmenler Textile Machinery Co. has been well-known with its successful projects in the sector of textile machinery. Dilmenler Machinery that is the leader among the manufacturers of texture and woven fabric and finishing machines, introduces not only the technological flexibility that customers demand the advantages in owning cost but also ensures machine quality and longevity to get the most profit out of the customer’s investment.

HT Dyeing Machine

DIL-DYE Jumbo HT Dyeing Machine
This machine is able to process fabrics ranging from 70 GSM up to 2300 GSM in weight by choosing the right nozzle size (which the machine can do automatically). The dyeing process operates in low liquor ratio in addition to low batch times. Machine is available in various capacities starting from 25 Kg up to 2000 Kg on both high and low temperature design. Machine’s body and all wetted parts made of highly corrosion resistant stainless steel AISI 316 L, in accordance with American ASME and European (CE) norms. This machine is available in capacities ranging from 5 kg (sample machines) to 2,400 kg (Bulk machines)

Stenter (Drying and Heating setting) Machine


This Stenter machine is designed and developed for drying and heat setting purpose. This machine, with its functional and ergonomic design with use of the latest technology is able to save energy and economically operate.

Because of its MULTI-AIR distribution system, the machine is very flexible in executing all processes applied in the stentering. Due to inverter driven motors on each air fan, it is possible to control, as well as apply the air onto the fabric from top and bottom to achieve the best eff›ciency and the minimum operation`s cost. The machine can be equipped with horizontal chain system with long-life-lubricated chain or a vertical chain system with lubrication and maintenance free chain.

By this way, either woven and/or knitted fabric could be processed. Right and left chains are driven individually by means of separate motor/gear box and inverter. The speed variation is under control electronically in both horizontal and vertical chain system. Machine is equipped with latest modern electrical and electronic components to minimize the energy consumption even in standby mode and to ensure the highest quality in fabric finishing. Customized solutions are also available for the treatment of woven and/or knitted fabrics, coating processes and technical textiles.

Air Relax Drying Machine

Drying on the egalizing air relax dryer is today a very important process for the quality of fabric. The results of such treatment are better quality, good touch and excellent shrinkage values with width control on the knitted and woven fabrics in the entrance of dryer. Machine can be used as normal Relax dryer for tubular fabric and Egalizing dryer for open width. The machine consists of 6 different units such as; centralising unit, foulard, chain system, drying chambers, steaming unit and exit. Drying chambers are equipped with suspension jet nozzle system and are built in single rows of nozzle. Circulating air turbines provides big drying capacity with maximum efficiency.

Slitting And Squeezing


• Is for the pre-squeezing off fabrics in the form of tube wet  and dry, to bring to open width and homogeneous squeezing and stacking of the padding mangle later.
• Is suitable to widen fabrics in the form of rope wet or dry with the assistance of a scrambler, homogenic squeezing and stacking.
• Fabric that will be processed needs to go through 7 steps stated below:

1) To intercept tube proceeding with automatic photocell
Rope opened at the detwister is cut to open width with tower cylinder after squeezed by the low pressured pre-load cylinder is delivered to the tube cutting unit. Detwister working in synchronize with the rotary table provides the rope form to open. Rope opened at the detwister is cut to open width with the photocell. It is possible to adjust the tube size between 30 and 80 cm according to the type of the fabric. Cutting process of the tube is done manually and automatically.

2) To extend fabric and average
Fabrics cut at the tube cutting unit are opened by fabric extender cylinder and centering process is performed. All centering process is equated automatically according to all sizes of fabrics. Fabric ascending the centering unit enters padding mangle tub passing through fabric opening cylinder. Enzyme cleaning takes place once enzyme fabric on padding mangle tub is washed back and forth with 20 pieces of nozzles. The work is complete by stowing after being homogeneously in the padding mangle tub going through the willow cylinder.

Machine 2 or 4 is manufactured in two different versions as squeezing roller.



Dilcompact Open Width Shrinking Machine is a felt type machine which is very important and suitable for the last touch of the fabric with optimum cost and best dimensional stability.

Machine consists of 5 different units mentioned below

• Fabric entry centering device and segmented guide roller
• Operator platform and pinning unit
• Egalizing chain with width adjustment and steaming section
• Shrinking and calendaring section
• Exit J box and plaiting device

Machine is designed and equipped with standard systems like right and left individual driven chain, manual weft straightening device which could handle some of the faults in wefts. Machine can also be equipped with gumming, edge drying and trimming systems upon request.

Continuous Washing Machine


Time requirements, the textile sector is forcing producers to a minimum and a maximum margin of error in the production speed.

In this case, low-cost producers, the continuous offer a combination of rapid and reproducible production facilities of the system are implemented. The continuous fabric in open Washer; Pressure before and after open the washing processes, Pad Batch dyeing before and after open the washing process, the yarn is much more open to the washing process as open the washing processes of dyed fabric can be done faster and at a lower cost compared to other methods.

The machine can be designed according to the customer’s specific request