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About Alba

ALBA Makina San. Tic. Ltd. Şti.Alba Makina Co. Ltd. was founded in 1969 and started manufacturing dry cleaning and ironing machines. The company owners Cengiz and Nafiz Albayrak constructed a production factory of 3.500 sqm at the period in which textile and garment finishing machines were high in demand in Turkey.With this factory, Alba Makina has always been the leading company in its branch. Turkey’s first Robotic Ironing Machines, Computer Controlled Ironing Presses and Steam Generators have been produced by Alba Makina.At the beginning of the 90’s, a new 20.000 sqm factory was built 180 km outside Istanbul which is the main production plant still today. New set goals and investments enabled Alba Makina to revolutionize its industrial ironing and steam producers and deliver better and more original machines to the market than its rivals. To maintain, and even take customer services and physical aspects to a new level Alba Makina grounded their 7.500 sqm Head Office at the heart of the thriving commercial city of Istanbul.Reinforcing their production with High-Tech production machines enabled Alba Makina to enchant their product range with ergonomic and high end technology solutions.Alba Makina provides with more than 35 years of experience in garment finishing technology, high-tech products, consulting and qualified service to the textile and garment industry. As a result of this, Alba Makina is the market leading company in Turkey and is one of the best International companies around the globe today.

Ironing Equipment

Used for fast steam production in garments finishing and in-line ironing (Click to read more)
High Quality, Efficient and Cost Effective Suit & Jacket Pressing Machines(Click to read more)
High Quality, Efficient and Cost Effective Trouser Pressing Machines (Click to read more)
Pressing and fusing of collars, cuffs, sleeves and other parts of woven shirts; used for increasing production efficiency by three folds. (Click to read more)
Hi-Tech, Cost Effective and Resilient Ironing Tables With Customization Features (Click to read more)
Low Cost and High Productivity and Quality Topper Machines (Click to read more)
Used for Controlling Fabric Shrinkage Before Cutting, This machine is Low Cost, Has High Shrinkage Control Capacity And Productivity (Click to read more)
Energy Saving, Low Cost, High Productivity fusing presses; Can Be Used On All Sorts Of Fabrics (Click to read more)
Low Cost and Adjustable Transfer Presses (Click to read more)
Economic And Efficient Stain Removing Machines (Click to read more)
All sorts of Ironing Products Required for Knitwear Production. (Click to read more)
High Productivity and Low Cost Jeans Ironing Machine. Can Be Used In Wash factories and Garments Factories Alike. (Click to read more)

Boilers (Steam Generator)